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Hi, my name is Dr Ed.


I think I always intuitively knew that in order to understand how something works you need to appreciate the fundamentals. My mission is now to educate and apply these foundational principles of health by detecting and correcting imbalances, deficiencies and weaknesses in a holistic way to create better humans.

For me, this began with wanting to understand how nutrition and exercise were underpinned by cellular processes. I went to study Biochemistry and focused on cell signalling as well as growth and metabolism. On reflection I studied life at the cellular level, and the dance that occurs between information and energy.

After four years of laboratory-based theoretical knowledge and academic science I realised that I had become lost in the detail at the expense of truly helping others. The magic of science is not in the knowing but in the communication and art of applying this to another human.

After spending a year working with children with special educational needs I trained in conventional medicine at Queen’s University Belfast. Like many starting their journey in the healthcare system I quickly realised the limitations: rather than an exploration of an individuals health issues we rapidly jumped ahead to treatment of symptoms based on data from population averages.

An optimal life requires a balance between order and chaos. My approach will help you fight the chaos of the modern world and create order within.

In my quest for further knowledge I studied nutritional and environmental medicine with the British Society of Ecological Medicine, learning from prominent figures in a biochemistry-grounded functional medicine paradigm, including Dr Sarah Myhill.

Over that time I discovered Dr Ted Achacoso, Julien Pineau and Richard Aceves who work on the principles of health and fitness. This is what I was looking for. 

As a mentee of these individuals I gained qualification in Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) and what I am beginning to call Movement Medicine (MoveMe). Across these disciplines I take an evolutionary look at the individual in their environment, consider their chronobiology, epigenetics, exposomics, bioenergetics, gut-immune system, and in some cases use clinical metabolomics to detect and correct imbalances, deficiencies and subtle toxicities. 

With HOMe I take care of the health of the basic cell. With MoveMe I take care of the nervous system. Energy and information from inside out and outside in. As time has gone by I’ve found myself working with individual clients, groups, my own mentors and even businesses to ensure that somebody is dealing with the fundamentals of health. Regardless of what you want to do and to what level you want to take your performance – these foundations must be addressed and that’s what I can help you with.

We live in a probabilistic universe – let’s chat and see if we can work together to increase your chances of going in the direction you dream about.


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If you are a business, team or individual looking for advisory services please contact me directly to discuss this on ed@dredcaddye.com.


Standalone MoveMe Assessment


History of movement/trauma
Eye test
Movement assessment
Plan going forward

MoveMe Year


Standalone + 3 follow up coaching sessions

HOMe Year


analysis of blood/urine/stool testing
Initial consultation + 3 follow up calls

MoveMe HOMe Year


Analysis + Assessment
3 follow up calls/coaching sessions

Standalone HOMe Analysis


analysis of blood/urine/stool testing

In person assessment is subject to travel expenses and accommodation covered by the client if required.